Enabled require apache modules (/etc/sysconfig/apache2:APACHE_MODULES)

/usr/sbin/a2enmod proxy
/usr/sbin/a2enmod proxy_http
/usr/sbin/a2enmod proxy_connect
/usr/sbin/a2enmod rewrite
/usr/sbin/a2enmod ssl
/usr/sbin/a2enmod wsgi
/usr/sbin/a2enmod version
/usr/sbin/a2enmod socache_shmcb (or whatever module you are using)

Setup SSL certificates in Apache (not documented here)

Enable required apache flag (/etc/sysconfig/apache2:APACHE_SERVER_FLAGS)

/usr/sbin/a2enflag SSL

Make sure port 80 & 443 are opened in SuSEFirewall2 (not documented here)

Start/enable the apache2 and cobblerd services

systemctl enable apache2.service
systemctl enable cobblerd.service
systemctl start apache2.service
systemctl start cobblerd.service

Visit https://${CERTIFICATE_FQDN}/cobbler_web/

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