Management Classes

Management classes allow cobbler to function as a configuration management system. The lego blocks of configuration management, resources are grouped together via Management Classes and linked to a system. Cobbler supports two (2) resource types, which are configured in the order listed below:

  1. Package Resources
  2. File Resources

To add a Management Class, you would run the following command:

$ cobbler mgmtclass add --name=string --comment=string [--packages=list] [--files=list]


The name of the mgmtclass. Use this name when adding a management class to a system, profile, or distro. To add a mgmtclass to an existing system use something like (cobbler system edit --name="madhatter" --mgmt-classes="http mysql").


A comment that describes the functions of the management class.


Specifies a list of package resources required by the management class.


Specifies a list of file resources required by the management class.

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