Build ISO

Often an environment cannot support PXE because of either (A) an unfortunate lack of control over DHCP configurations (i.e. another group owns DHCP and won't give you a next-server entry), or (B) you are using static IPs only.

This is easily solved:

# cobbler buildiso

What this command does is to copy all distro kernel/initrds onto a boot CD image and generate a menu for the ISO that is essentially equivalent to the PXE menu provided to net-installing machines via Cobbler.

By default, the boot CD menu will include all profiles and systems, you can force it to display a list of profiles/systems in concern with the following.

Cobbler versions >= 2.2.0:

# cobbler buildiso --systems="system1 system2 system3"
# cobbler buildiso --profiles="profile1 profile2 profile3"

Cobbler versions < 2.2.0:

# cobbler buildiso --systems="system1,system2,system3"
# cobbler buildiso --profiles="profile1,profile2,profile3"

If you need to install into a lab (or other environment) that does not have network access to the cobbler server, you can also copy a full distribution tree plus profile and system records onto a disk image:

# cobbler buildiso --standalone --distro="distro1"

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