Dynamic Settings

Prior to Cobbler 2.4.0, any changes to /etc/cobbler/settings required a restart of the cobblerd daemon for those changes to take affect. Now, with 2.4.0+, you can easily modify settings on the fly via the "cobbler setting" command.

Enabling Dynamic Settings

Dynamic settings are not enabled by default. In order to enable them, you must set "allow_dynamic_settings: 1" in /etc/cobbler/settings and restart cobblerd.


Over the years, the Cobbler settings file has grown organically, and as such has not always had consistent spacing applied to the YAML entries it contains. In order to ensure that augeas can correctly rewrite the settings, you must run the following sed command:

$ sed -i 's/^[[:space:]]+/ /' /etc/cobbler/settings

When dynamic settings are enabled, the "cobbler check" command will also print out this recommendation.

CLI Commands

Please see the Dynamic Settings CLI Command section for details on the dynamic settings commands.

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