Cobbler 2.8.1 Released

Posted by Jörgen on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cobbler 2.8.1 is now officially available, the first minor update in the 2.8.x series!

Feature improvements:

  • Signature added for: sles 12sp2
  • Signature added for: fedora 26
  • Signature added for: ubuntu 17.04
  • Signature added for: freebsd 10.3
  • Signature added for: freebsd 11.0
  • Signature added for: xen server 7.0
  • Signature added for: xen server 7.1


  • Cleanup distro_signatures
  • Use $bind_master in secondary.template (#1720)
  • Add zonename to metadata in manage_bind (#1700)
  • Update cobbler.wsgi to Django >=1.4 API
  • Add some input validation to repo configuration (#1741)
  • Fix handling of multiple bridge interfaces (#1735)
  • Added warnings in kickstart samples (#1737)
  • Fix the auto-build when using autodiscovery (#1753)
  • logrotate script is not compatible with systemd (#1745)
  • Fixes to so that python install now works again on Debian/Ubuntu (#1750)
  • Replication now works with Cobbler using non standard ports (#1637)
  • Automatically restart named-chroot if needed
  • Generalize names for named/dhcpd executables in cobbler check (#1672)
  • No more manual symlinks required for Python dist-packages on Debian/Ubuntu (#1751)
  • Code cleanup in,, etc
  • Fixes to cobbler.spec for Fedora systems
  • Fixes to several API calls relating to mgmtclass, file and package
  • RHEL7 still needs to use the nameserver option
  • Master interface now inherits MTU setting from slave interface
  • Don't add multiple (bond) slave interfaces to dhcpd.conf
  • Grub legacy loaders updated to the latest versions available
  • Enable the source tree to be cloned on Windows systems (#1722)
  • Minor SuSE AutoYast improvements


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