Cobbler 2.8.2 Released

Posted by Jörgen on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cobbler 2.8.2 is now officially available!

Feature improvements:

  • Add support for infiband interfaces in dhcp.template (#1774)
  • Signature for ESXI 6.5 improved OEM support
  • Add support for ESXI in dhcp.template
  • Various improvements for sample.seed


  • Fix ISO booting with static IP settings for debuntu (#1320)
  • Fix proxy settings in reposync (#1569)
  • Partial fix for an error in dnsmaq.template (#1534)
  • Restore exclude behavior in reposync
  • Suppress some messages during service restart
  • Add a tip to ease keyboard selection for non-US (debian/ubuntu)
  • Fix to avoid any grub device question with debian
  • Default to preseed to minimal installation
  • Add debian sample preseed
  • Add missing cobbler module paths to a couple modules after #1751 backport


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