Connecting to the Cobbler Community

There are many ways to connect to the Cobbler community, for both regular users and developers.

Mailing List

The primary mailing list for Cobbler is


The site menu has links to the source. If you have a problem, open an issue, so we can take care of it! The Wiki is for developers who would like to help.


The probably most active chat is Gitter. You can find us there under: cobbler/community

Badge: Gitter

IRC Channels

You must join the mailing lists above in order to use them. If that’s not your cup of tea, Cobbler has two IRC channels on Freenode: #cobbler and #cobbler-devel.

The devel channel is very lightly used currently (mainly reserved for highly technical code discussions), so it’s best to start in #cobbler if you have questions, comments, or problems.


We use the Twitter account @cobblerproject to post notifications of new versions and other relevant information.