Fundraising Complete and New Website

Posted by James on Wednesday, December 05, 2012

First off, welcome to the new site! This redesign is basically just to add some polish to the site, which is now using the Twitter Bootstrap framework (as opposed to no framework). This new update also includes the draft version of the 2.4.0 manual, which has received a lot of work (with much more to come). In the coming weeks, I’ll be redesigning the front page even more in order to give it a less “bloggy” feel, and to promote the platinum level sponsors from the fundraising campaign.

Speaking of which, the indiegogo campaign concluded last night, and was a resounding success! We were able to exceed our funding goal of $4000 and hit $5776 in total contributions! The support from the community has been outstanding, and as I’ve often said this campaign has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Special thanks goes to our platinum-level contributors, lead by the Eucalyptus team which matched all contributions during the last week and seriously pushed us over the top.


As I noted in the updates section of the campaign, I’ve already bought 3 of the 4 servers I wanted to get, and I’m waiting on final word from a hardware vendor in regards to a donation of another server. Once that is finalized, I will use some of the funds to add RAM to the servers I have purchased already (HP N40L Micro Servers), which only came with 2GB installed. A portion of the funds will be held in reserve to cover costs of maintaining these systems, for example power costs and replacement parts. Since part of the goal was to enable pushes of images and systems directly into IaaS platforms, I may use some of this funding in the future to support testing on Amazon and other platforms as well.

Finally, I will most likely be tackling the issue of continuous integration testing first, in order to facilitate more regular and stable releases. Once that is complete, I will be working on adding features for cloud deployments.

Thanks for reading!

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