Cobbler 3.0.1 Migration

Posted by Enno on Thursday, October 24, 2019

With Cobbler 3.0.1 we have a slightly changed syntax of the cobbler modules. This results in a new syntax for the modules.conf-file. I have written a small migration script for the purpose of this. I did not set-up automated tests for this but instead went for careful manual testing.

The script needs to be packaged and executed by package maintainers on a system-package upgrade or manually by you. If the script is not executed then cobbler will have uncontrolled behavior and a lot of stacktraces about not finding modules.

If you use the upgrade-script there is no backup of your old modules.conf made. Please do this yourself!

If the packager for your system did not include the script you can find it under Github/cobbler/cobbler/…

The usage of the script is like the following: [-h] [-r] [-s] [-n] [-f absolute_filepath]
Script to migrate a Cobbler 3.0.0 or prior "modules.conf" to a 3.0.1 "modules.conf"

   One of the following arguments must be choosen [rsn] additionally you must hand over the absolute path of
   the "modules.conf"

  -h  show this help text
  -r  Use the regex replace. I recommend this if you have custom modules and also have rearranged them.
      WARNING: This also alters the documentation in the settings file which is wrong to the current point in time.
  -s  Use the static replace. I recomment this if you use the default modules.
  -n  Make a new start with Cobbler and just replace the whole settings file.
  -f  Path to the "modules.conf"

Example: ./ -f "/etc/cobbler/modules.conf" -s

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