Cobbler 3.1.1 Released

Posted by Enno on Thursday, January 02, 2020

This release syncs release30 with master. No patches for release30 were needed specifically.

I would like to especially thank @Conan-Kudo for his work on the cross-distro specfile for cobbler and koan as well as @rbberger who was so kind to contribute a lot regarding building the rpms in docker for CentOS with the specfile this helped a lot!

We have a 8497 line diff for this release. link


  • We are now having a cross-distro specfile which can be build in the OBS (#2220) - before rewritten it was improved by #2144 & #2174
  • Grub Submenu for net-booting machines (#2217)
  • Building the Cent-OS RPMs in Docker (#2190 #2189)
  • Reintroduced manpage build in (#2185)
  • mgmt_parameters are now passed to the dhcp template (#2182)
  • Using the standard Pyhton3 logger instead of a custom one (#2160 #2139 #2151)
  • Script for converting the settings file from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 (#2154)
  • Docs now inside the repo instead of and improved with sphinx (#2117)


  • The default tftpboot directory is now /var/lib/tftpboot instead of previously /srv/tftpboot (#2220)
  • Distro signatures were adjusted where necessary (#2219 #2134)
  • Removed requirements.txt and placed the requirements in (#2204)
  • Display only entries in grub which are from the same arch (#2191 #2216)
  • Change the name of the cobbler manpage form cobbler-cli to cobbler back and move it to section 8 (#2188 #2186)
  • Incremented Version to 3.1.1 from 3.0.1


  • S390 Support was cleaned up (#2207 #2178)
  • PowerPC Support was cleaned up (#2178)
  • Added a missing import while importing a distro with cobbler import (#2201)
  • Fixed a case where a stacktrace would be produced so pass none instead (#2203)
  • Rename of suse_kopts_textmode_overwrite to kops_overwrite to utils (#2143 #2200)
  • Fix rsync subprocess call (#2199 #2179)
  • Fixed an error where the template rendering did not work (#2176)
  • Fixed some cobbler import errors (#2172)
  • Wrong shebang in various scripts (#2148)
  • Fix some imports which fixes errors introduced by the remodularization (#2150 #2153)


  • Issue Templates for Github (#2187)

Breaking Changes: None

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