Cobbler 3.2.0 Released

Posted by Enno on Saturday, October 24, 2020

This release is a lot about bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Important: This will be the last release to contain the already deprecated Django Web Interface.

We have 2,960 additions and 1,018 deletions. We have merged 30 pull requests.

Milestone: V3.2.0


  • Include Fedora32 & Ubuntu Focal in signatures.json (#2405)
  • Move rsync flags to the Cobbler settings reposync_rsync_flags (#1480 #2399)
  • Add a new Flag - cache_enabled - to enable or disable the cache (#2387)
  • When doing autoinstallations the conversion of hostnames to ips is now optional via this settings: convert_server_to_ip (#2357)



  • Finally include ESXI7 Signatures (#2435 #2441)
  • Fix startup error when config variable is called before assignment. (#2394)
  • Remove dead code (#2367)
  • FileNotFoundError when under high load (#2362 #2365)
  • Sorting in the WebUI (#2265 #2390)
  • When copying a system, the invalid MAC error is now fixed (#2397)
  • Fix error message on the cli when using --verbose` (#2388)
  • Fix some reposync related problems (#2384)
  • Fix repo and mgmtclass initializations (#2374 #2373)


Breaking Changes: We should have no breaking changes in this version.

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