Cobbler 2.4.1 Released

Posted by Jörgen on Monday, February 03, 2014

Cobbler 2.4.1 is now officially available! This release includes 100+ patches adding numerous signatures, bugfixes and several minor feature improvements.

Improved Features:

  • Many distro_signatures updates
  • Anamon logfile support has been extended
  • Allow the use of systems without associated kickstart
  • Koan now supports the qed disk driver
  • Automatic cobbler_web restart after cobblerd restart
  • Improved Puppet certificate management
  • Cobbler replication now supports ssl
  • Koan gained support for –proxy & –server options
  • Xen guest provisioning in koan
  • Added a Cobbler post install report ignorelist
  • Authentication token expiration time is now configurable
  • Autentication passthru is now again functional
  • SELinux detection in koan


  • Improved logging and exception handling in many places
  • Several fixes for running Cobbler on OpenSUSE and SLES
  • Better proxy handling in buildiso
  • Concurrency/locking improvements
  • Removed some hardcoded paths, making life easier for downstream packagers
  • Add missing (sub)commands to the CLI
  • Several Makefile fixes
  • Small improvements to cobbler-web
  • Many fixes to koan
  • Several WSGI related improvements
  • Many more…

The (source) release can be found at:

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

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